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by Jon "Lone Wolf" Paul (lone_wolf_jp)
at August 4th, 2006 (02:45 am)

current mood: cheerful
current song: El Cerrito Place - Charlie Robbinson

Soon as I got into work Rebecca (zone 2 manager) told me that she was not going to let Christian keep messing around and pulling me back and forth and not doing anything about moving me up to head cashier. She is taking charge and already doing what she can to move me out to one of her zone 2 deparments (wouldnt tell me which one cause she dont want word getting back to certian people (Christian - deparment manager of the cashiers) in the cahsiering that shes going move me out to the department and didnt want word to get back to the few people (one of whome ill be replaceing) that she will be either having to fire or move to a different department.

She has been wanting me in one of her departments ever since inventory week and the 3 weeks before that when I helped in preparing for inventory and helped durring inventory week.

Zone 2 departments are Flooring, Kitch Cabnets and Counter Tops, Paint and Home Decor, Lighting and Electrical, and Appliances.

Julia wants to move to a department and get away from the cashiering so I gave her Rebecca heads up on that to.

I asked her when this move was going to take place adn she just said it would be happening soon, and said I would not have all the problems i been having in cashiering and would enjoy the section i wrok in much better.

Lest something is being done with me. Ive been trying to move up in the rainks for while now. I have my Certifications in Returns, Customer Service, Head Cashier those three all done with in a week after my 90 day even though Chritian gave me until October to get em' done. And also Certified in Tool department, but they never did anything to move me over there.