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Choices Choices
by Jon "Lone Wolf" Paul (lone_wolf_jp)
at August 7th, 2006 (12:16 am)

current mood: thoughtful

At my lunch break, Rebecca quickly pulled me to the side and told me that Michell didnt give me all the details about what was becoming open in her department. She is willing to totally work around my schedule just so she can have me in her department. And what it is is someone is getting fired in flooring and paint but I would be takeing the spot in flooring which is Team Leader in flooring. Michell and Her and even Robert in LP think it would be better to take that one as I can easily leap frog up the corporate ladder. I have til the end of the end of the week to give an answer of what I would perfer so they can tell Jeff the store manager when he returns from vacation (stay as cashier and deal with Christian and deal with him tempting me with head cashier but doing nothing, IRP, or the Team Leader in Flooring). Iam sure I have made my choice.


Posted by: Jon "Lone Wolf" Paul (lone_wolf_jp)
Posted at: August 10th, 2006 06:58 am (UTC)

Thanks. I wouldnt have minded staying on the registers as I do enjoy working them and running returns and working at customer service when they decided to work me there. it just i dont get along with the cashier manager right now and he kept promising me head cashier and pretty much everyone would love to see me as head cashier cause so many come to me with a problem and know ill do what it takes to help them and iam a very hard worker doing what it takes to please the customer, but found out recently he was just giving me empty promises (he does this a lot amongst other stuff) and has a new head cashier in line. So when the offer from the zone manager came i desided it was time to take one the many offers i keep getting.

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